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The best investment you can make,

is an investment in yourself.


                                          - Warren Buffett



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Our mission is to increase awareness of importance in educating yourself to be able to an investor.

Emotion often gets in our trading and affect our trading in many negative ways.


Yet, if you rely on another "guru"'s so called expertise, often you would find youself with fear of losing after a couple of loss in trades and make unwise decisions yourself.


Often, many of these experts will lead you to think following their way will guarantee you rock-star profits, and, trust me, there's no such things as guaranteed money.


Cause to majority of loss in this market is from lack of proper education. - And, we feel you on this.


Our team members, at least at one point went through the same experience and ended up losing good amount of money.


We all went through rigorous time of crunching in data turning this into tangible strategies.


And we survived in this market where there said to be about 90% of investors lose money.


We promise you NOT MONEY but quality education that will lead you to life time success in your personal investment.



Trading using price analysis make sure that you do not rely on lagging information such as indicators or news events.


Institutional trades, or those who we refer to as "market makers" reference such price action to profit in the market.


Understanding price action will keep you out of noise and make you focus solely on what's happening with the price, and you will be able to make reasonable decisions in trading.



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Unlike stock market where price is making new higher high building new frontier, In Forex/Commodity market, you would find price repeating itself within given boundary.   


This means that when price finds a support and move up, even once it’s down we would expect the price to react the similar way as past.


Price action patterns including AB=CD, Gartley, T89 and many others are well proven method to trade market with high probability.

The real benefit of price action trading is that you don’t feel anxious as ever, to look for “right trades”. The anxiety in trading comes from not understanding how price react but rather force yourself to anticipate what’s going to happen.

If you understand how to spot reaction areas and participate in such movements, you will not have to trade with anxiety as before!


Our Price Action course will assist you with your endeavor in trading business by providing you with easy, and effective learning experience.